VAGX is launching LUMISAC series in Japan.
    This one is a promo video for VAGX’s new line LUMISAC series. 

    Tried something new this time, I worked with my brother on this one and I’m pretty happy with the result, it was fun to work with him. Please enjoy it! Thx!

    Shot with Canon 5d mk2, 7d, Panasonic Lumix GH1

    Directed & Edited by David Jongkwon Kim

    Director of Photography David Jongkwon Kim / Minho Kim

    Mothion Graphic by Joseph Jonghyun Kim / David Jongkwon Kim

    3D Animation created by Joseph Jonghyun Kim

    Starring: Erik Moynihan

    Music by Ambiguous Dreams

    VAGX : vagx.co.kr/

    DKSHOP FILM : seoulgotsoul.com/

    e-mail: dkshopbeatz@gmail.com


    facebook : facebook.com/seoulgotsoul

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